Are you proud of your hard work on and off the field up to this point, but aren’t sure how to take it next level?


My clients are dreaming the big dreams and on a mission to achieve them. They are optimistic and use these dreams as their starting point, their foundation. Their dreams empower their hard work every day.

Overall Success in Life:

My clients care about both their athletic performance and their academic/career pursuits. Not just in sport, but across the board, they want to learn mental skills that can help them be a success. My clients are coachable. They are good teammates. They are natural leaders.

Mind as an Asset:

My clients want to learn to use their mind as a weapon against their opponents. They put aside old ways of thinking and become philosophers of the best kind. The kind that use their desire to fuel their dedication to the work. They are patient with the process and tenacious in the application of the mindset work.


My clients are self-motivated, disciplined, high achievers. Their fire comes from within and they’re not going to use their fear as an excuse to get in the way of achieving their goals. They do not rationalize their failures, but rather use them as fuel. They are fierce in their desire to succeed at the next level.

No Limits:

My clients set no limits on their ability. They are confident. They do not hide under the blanket of security we know as running with the heard. Simply, they do not accept mediocrity. They strive to disconfirm other’s perceptions and expectations of their abilities. They decide how they see themselves and they don’t let other people’s opinion of them change that.


My clients are persistent and strong willed. They desire to become consistent and resilient. They are committed and believe in their potential. Once they embrace the championship mindset we develop, they persevere against all odds.


My clients have physical competence and a high IQ in their sport to supplement the mental work we do together. They are attentive and insightful. Not only do they work harder, but smarter than the competition. They desire to have laser focus under pressure in order to execute their best performance when the stakes are highest.

Let’s write your story! You get to choose the ending. If you’re ready for a growth mindset and a no-thoughts-just-play practical approach to your game…let’s do this! Then we will make a great team!

If you’re a competitive athlete, whether it’s high school, collegiate, recreational, professional, or Master’s level — this is why my coaching approach will benefit you:

No matter the level you’re playing at, the good ones have genetics, talent, and a hard work ethic. So what’s the difference between the good ones and the great ones? The great ones have worked on their mental game as well. Transitions and performance slumps in sport can be daunting. Skills like focus, confidence, and composure can make these transitions much easier. These skills help you concentrate more on what you can control and less on the distractions you can’t control. When things in sport and life get challenging, the great ones are not only surviving, they’re thriving! With my coaching, you will be glad you invested in you! You won’t have to look back and say ‘I wish I would have’ because we WILL develop your complete mental game.

Train your brain for the game:

During our coaching we will – 

Discovering Where You’re Strong and Where You’re Ready to Grow: 

We’ll assess your mental skills to uncover which skills are your strengths and which ones we’ll need to focus on to raise your level of play.

Tailoring Your Sport Performance Goals to Fit YOU: 

Based on your performance goals and your current level of sport mental skill, we’ll develop a targeted goal and personalized achievement plan to get you there, one step at a time.

Embracing the Championship Athlete Mindset: 

We’ll cover the basics of a championship athlete mindset you can use on and off the field. Being a champion is more than just what happens in practice and game day. This mindset will help you stay the course.

Developing & Implementing Your Tailored Mental Game Strategy: 

Then we’ll put your plan into action. We’ll adapt the plan to your life as well. This will be like developing your own personalized playbook for creating new success habits toward goal achievement.

Coaching You Through the Twists and Turns of Habit Change to Ensure Success: 

Implementing a new game strategy is a habit change. It can take a few months to see true change in your thinking and subsequent behavior. Together we’ll work transitioning your thought processes and mental game so that it is as automatic as your foundational sport skills you’ve worked so hard to build.

Winning off the Field: 

There are athletes who are great on the field…then there are the ones who are great at life too. What kind of athlete are you going to be off the field? Unlike many sport psychology coaching programs, we’ll work to apply your game plan to success outside your sport.

Balancing Athletic Culture & Life:

 It is essential to success in sport and life to know how to navigate the culture around athletics and life. This can have a huge impact on all your goals. Whether it’s learning to balance sport and classes, dealing with transitions from home to college life, balancing home life and career goals – all of the above or whatever you are experiencing can be challenging even for the most together individuals. We’ll explore ‘all the things’ that impact your sport. In turn, deepening your commitment to all the things you value in your life and in your sport.

Normally, when you’ve been making mental mistakes or you’re trying to make sport performance changes, you may run more miles, take more ground balls, and berate yourself on what’s going wrong. But here’s the thing: When you think negatively, you get negative. If you think, “don’t miss it,” you can be almost certain you will. You may seek advice from a coach who is likely to tell you to focus, be confident, shake it off, but they don’t tell you HOW to do this. We can show you how. 

In our 4 or 6 month coaching program, we’ll start right where you are and custom create action steps that fit YOU, your sport, your performance goals, your style, and your life goals.

We’ll use our time to:  

including specific strategies to help you maintain your focus, control what you can control, gain confidence, or hit that “just right” pumped up but not anxious pre-game feeling. 

After working with us, you’ll know what to do before, during, and after every competition to be your best. 

We’ll navigate challenges that would normally throw you off track. Things like extra busy times at school (midterms, projects, etc.), disagreement with a coach or teammate, long road trips to away games, acute injuries, and more. This is a training program for bringing your best despite the circumstances.  

During your sessions, we’ll discuss what’s working, what’s not, plan your next action steps, and I’ll provide coaching to help you transform old habits into new choices that create what you want.  

Outside of Session Support Included!

We know that sport happens outside the session and we’ve got you. 

Voxer Message Support

We offer unlimited support via Voxer. Send us a Q and we’ll get back to you with an A. We love to hear from you! Here are a few ways we use Voxer:

  • Ease excessive game day jitters.
  • Share a mid-week thought you’ve been pondering.
  • Celebrate a win.
  • Do a quick post-game debriefing.

Ready to learn more and see if this is for you? Take the first step and schedule your free mini session!